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Et Ad Infernos by Takethra Et Ad Infernos by Takethra
I'm not sure if I completely fouled up the lighting or not (the sun was flooding my room so I could barely see the computer screen?!), but I decided to do a landscapish type drawing for the first time in a while! And thoroughly enjoyed it :')
Incidentally was listening to this song almost the entire time -…

Anyway, Sasha had gotten a secret location in the last couple months, so I thought I'd illustrate it. This here's the entrance of the cave, looking out unto the little clearing and its pool. This is ofc before he gets to do any interior decorating~ ;3

Sasha's discovery of this place can be read here :')
et ad inferosSasha found the cave in the evening.
     He’d been walking like he usually did, up and downriver. His usual stroll. It was a peaceful time for him, or peaceful is what anyone else would have called it; he had no particular regard for it except that it was just what he did. He found no particular enjoyment in the freshness of the air, or the site of birds or deer stooping to drink along the shoreline. The rippled reflection of reeds and treeline in the water was not particularly beautiful to him. He simply walked here to keep watch; because he knew that this was where the other things kept watch.
    Heavy rains had made the water level rise, and so the muddy shore along which he usually trod was presently underneath an inconvenient layer of H2O. That as it was, his path had been diverted itself a ways back into the forest. Then he’d seen the deer trail, and caught on a breeze the smell of rotting flesh.
     So naturally, he followed
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